Who's headed to Beirut?I’ve been making my way down the pre-travel to-do list. With under a month left till departure, it’s the usual feeling of having plenty of time …
Over the years, the U.S. wine industry has repeatedly failed to attract Millennials and Gen Z. What can Lebanese winemakers do about that?
A flu I caught in London is still weighing me down but the countdown to Beirut begins
Reflecting on important takeaways beyond the 1471 Lebanese bottles sold
Oh, and I quit my job.
January 2023 Thread: What are your rituals when you feel homesick?As is with any product of a nation, Lebanese wine producers expect/depend on the diaspora to buy and champion their wines abroad. With Lebanese …
10 of my Bacchus shop items and 10 by artists from across the world
What I've observed from working at a trusted Southern California brick-and-mortar wine shop that also sells wine online, across the United States
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