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A quick introduction.

Hi! I’m Farrah Berrou. I’m a Lebanese-American with a degree in Biology, a degree in Graphic Design, and a couple of wine certifications. I’ve worked in advertising, design, and FMCG retail before coming to wine as a writer and observer.

A quick summary.

In 2012, I started writing online under the name, Bambi’s Soapbox. I was involved in lots of different community-building initiatives and then, in 2018, I co-hosted a podcast called, A Better Beirut.

I launched B for Bacchus in 2019.
Then there was a revolution, a collapse, and the city exploded.

It was quite a time. I had started the B for Bacchus podcast just before protests in Beirut kicked off. In the midst of Lebanon imploding and the global pandemic beginning, I started working with NYC-based The Wine Zine as a writer and then contributing editor. This is when I began to explore writing for other publications like Tim Atkin MW and Tribe Photo Magazine.

In 2021, I went to California for 2 years.

Cynthia Bifani’s gorgeous illustration for my Eater article in 2021

While in Los Angeles, I wrote an article for Eater and launched the print Aanab Newspaper. I self-published 4 issues and sold merch while working part-time at a wine shop.

I wrote “diary entries” on my blog. You can better understand the emotions of leaving by reading the series: before I left, a few months after landing, and about a year after that.

For more about me, here’s an interview on the B for Bacchus podcast. You can also read my Life Collective feature.

And then I came back to Beirut, Lebanon.

In April 2023, I returned to Beirut and for now, it feels right to be here.

Although I can, I don’t write reviews or tasting notes about wine.

I’m more interested in how wine can be a device to unpack deeper things about places and how we exist in them.

This newsletter is where I write what I feel is important. I don’t have to jump through the hoops of pitching (where someone else decides if a story about Lebanon is worthy) and editing (which may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months or more).

Because Aanab News is reader-funded, it is able to cover topics that bigger publications can’t or won’t for whatever reasons.

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Farrah Berrou

Wine nerd and content creator, Farrah has worked in design, advertising, retail, and audio. But from the beginning, writing was the one constant.