Who's headed to Beirut?I’ve been making my way down the pre-travel to-do list. With under a month left till departure, it’s the usual feeling of having plenty of time …
Over the years, the U.S. wine industry has repeatedly failed to attract Millennials and Gen Z. What can Lebanese winemakers do about that?
A flu I caught in London is still weighing me down but the countdown to Beirut begins
Reflecting on important takeaways beyond the 1471 Lebanese bottles sold

February 2023

Oh, and I quit my job.
January 2023 Thread: What are your rituals when you feel homesick?As is with any product of a nation, Lebanese wine producers expect/depend on the diaspora to buy and champion their wines abroad. With Lebanese …

January 2023

10 of my Bacchus shop items and 10 by artists from across the world
What I've observed from working at a trusted Southern California brick-and-mortar wine shop that also sells wine online, across the United States
What was your holiday fun find?As mentioned in yesterday’s post, one of the key tools I’ve been using to sell Ancient World wine is spotlighting bottles through “Farrah’s Fun …
Analyzing the 2022 holiday season's Lebanese wine sales at WHWC and the steps I took to get those bottles sold
How Aanab News is going to go, some info on upcoming Valentine's Day additions to the Bacchus shop, and 10 little joys

December 2022

And why Aanab No.4 is delayed