Wow, Farrah! What big news! I’m honestly really happy for you and I think it’s the right decision for you and Penny. I look forward to seeing your next phase! Good luck!

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Hey Farrah! I don't know anything about wine (although there's a place called Le Beaujolais in Soho you might enjoy: https://www.lebeaujolais.london/) but I think you would enjoy the exhibit of contemporary art from the Arab world that's on at SOAS: https://www.soas.ac.uk/about/event/future-traditions-writing-pictures-contemporary-art-middle-east

And if you'd like to meet up let me know! BTW I unsubscribed from the email address you used for this list so I could resubscribe from my main substack account, but this resulted in me getting totally locked out of the site so I haven't resubbed yet :P

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